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Day 277: An unproductive autumn day

I woke up early this morning by a knock on the bedroom door. It was the Couchsurfer from yesterday that wanted to say goodbye before he left, on his way to see the rest of Europe. After he'd gone I went back to bed and woke up just in time to clean the guest room before my lunch meeting. After lunch I met the Italian Couchsurfer for a coffee. Well, he was from Belgium originally, but after many years in Italy he was using his hands a lot when speaking and had an Italian accent in English. He was a very nice person and wanted to see Uppsala - and it was a lovely autumn day - so we went for a walk along the river, to the castle, to the university library, the cathedral and the house of Carl Linnaeus. I tried to guide as much as I could, even though I've forgotten most of what I was taught about Swedish history in school.

He told me he had once thought about studying in Uppsala, but had decided to go to Italy instead and fallen in love with the country and lived there since. And now he was on his first trip to Uppsala to see what this place that he didn't choose was like.

It took about two hours to see the most important parts of town and he seemed satisfied with his decision to only spend a day here and the rest of his vacation in Stockholm. And, I guess, the rest of his life in Italy.

After that I went home and had a dinner with my Airbnb friend whom I haven't seen in months.

It was a really nice day. But not super productive from a work perspective... or perhaps this is my job... ? Tomorrow I'll do laundry, clean guestrooms, and some of the paperwork I should have done today...

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