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Day 279: In praise of shadows

I just realized I got only five star reviews from my Airbnb guests in September. Awesome! The Japanese guy who was here last week gave me such a nice review: “If you want to stay at Uppsala quietly, warmly and comfortably, you should choose Maria's listing. Though I stayed there only one night, I could feel there like my real old friend's house. I really like Maria's welcoming character and her life style.”

Awww. That's so sweet! He was a really nice guy and I'm always glad to hear that the guests like it here. I had a German guest a few days ago who said about my living room: "I like the furniture here so much, it's so cozy. You just want to sit down and read a book here." That's exactly the atmosphere I wish to create so I was glad he felt that way. Especially now when the autumn is here it feels important to have a nice, cozy atmosphere inside.

The Japanese guy also gave me some recommendations for Japanese authors to read. I've already finished Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, which I liked a lot. And then he recommended In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki. Unfortunately I couldn't find it at my library. He said it's about Japanese architechture. I found two other books by Tanizaki though, and they were mostly by sex, so I'm starting to wonder. Not that I'm complaining, I read one of them and it was... interesting.