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Day 42: Yes, I like my new phone

A lot of people ask me about this. And yeah, I guess I'm just as addicted to my phone as anyone else now. Being without a smartphone until a month ago was no vaccine at all. I wake up in the middle of the night and check Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Not so much work mail, but it's bad enough as it is.

But of course this thing is amazing too. Like having all the apps that I use now, or being able to look for directions when I'm lost. And to be able to document everything that happens with pictures or videos. I feel like a teenager always taking selfies now. Which is so hard! I didn't realize what an art form selfies are! How do I hold the phone? How am I supposed to look? Where? I still need to practice this a lot. What are your secret tips?

Anyway, here's me taking a picture with the electronic selfie stick that the nice Korean couple gave me. Amazing gadget.

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