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Day 43: The shady baby sitting business

People ask me all the time: isn't it dangerous having strangers in your home? Car sharing with someone you don't know, is that really a good idea? Etc. Who could have known that it would be baby sitting that would give the first not so nice experience?

Anyway, this morning at eight I got a call from a man, responding to an ad at Grannar.se about the Valentine's evening for kids that me and a friend was planning. He wanted a babysitter. Ok. For a nine month old. Hm, ok, I guess. And the baby's mother had just died. Eh, ok. So if the baby felt alone, would we hold it? Sure. Both of us? Ehh... And wear special clothes? Ok, now I know for sure where this is going.

Sorry, this is weird, I told him. And he was like, "Oh, I'm sorry, excuse me" and hung up. So really, nothing worse happened and I do hope that that's the end of it. A baby sitting ad at Grannar.se, huh, who would have thought?