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About living one year in the sharing economy…

Day 46: Fungi - the ultimate thing to share?

Remember Streetbank? The site where you can share things with your neighbours, by giving och lending things to them. But the community wasn't very active where I live. But it seems to have improved a little bit since I joined. There are now 71 neighbours sharing things, compared to 64 when i started, and people have started offering things. Like my friend Magnus who is giving away Outdoor light strand.

But what really intrigues me is that a lot of the things offered are fungi of some sort:

Carl will teach you wine brewing:

or how to cultivate mushrooms indoors:

"Enjoy mushrooms? Did you know you can rather easily grow them yourself, in your home? If you're interested in learning more, give me a shout! "

Disa is offering tempeh spores:

"Rhizopus oligosporus spores for making Tempeh! Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food made of fermented soybeans. The spores are added to cooked soybeans or a mixture of grains and beans. In 24 hours a white mycelium forms around the beans. Nutrients in the beans are made more available by the fermentation process and the taste is delicious. "

Charlotte gives away kombucha:

"I'll have kombucha babies to give away a bit later when mine have grown and multiplied a bit.... Let me know if you want one... :-) "

And Mattias has some sourdough:

"Just bring a jar and I'll pour you some of mine. "

This is so funny! What's up with the fungi and sharing economy?! I actually asked one of the Airbnb guests I've had - who does her own kombucha. And she explained to me that starting a sourdough can be tough, but once you've managed it's pretty easy keeping it alive. And you'll get more than you need. I guess it's the same with the other things. They just multiply. Mushrooms and fungi for everyone!