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Day 47: Swiss vitamins

The most exciting that happened during the last two days was probably discussing vitamins with the Swiss guest. I'll take any opportunity to practice some French. 

- I hope your room is not to cold?

- Not at all, rather it's a little too hot.

- You can change the temperature on the radiator.

- I bought some vitamin C. Feel free to take some if you want to.

- No thanks, I don't use that. But I've bought some canned cod liver in France. You can't find it here and it's good to get some extra vitamin D during the winter. 

- That's what they used to punish kids with in the old days.

- Exactly. But it actually tastes quite well.

- I have a lot of work to do. Sometimes I work at night, I hope I won't disturb you.

- Oh no, not at all.

- Sometimes if I find it hard to sleep I take a walk.

- No problem!

- Are you going out to work?

- No, I'm going for a walk, I often do that at daytime to see some light. Have a nice day!

- Good afternoon!