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Day 33: No ride to Gothenburg?

On Thursday I'm going to Gothenburg. I decided not to stay in Tatjanas tropical room, but have found another Airbnb accommodation that seems really nice. I'll probably write more about it later.

Of course I wanted to take the opportunity to try some kind of car sharing service. That turned out to be a lot more complicated though. Or rather: I've been looking for rides on Skjutsgruppen, Gomore, Samåkning.se, Roadmate, Bilplats, Samlast.se but there is no one going from Stockholm to Gothenburg on Thursday, or back on Sunday. So I've requested these rides, so far without any answer. Which means I need to buy an ordinary train ticket tomorrow. It seems like these services need a lot more people using them for them to be as convenient as taking the train. Or to work at all, as in this case. And the train also seems to be cheaper in many cases, compared to paying for the gas.

In France I tried Blablacar in December. It was a short trip from Biarritz to Saint Jean de Luz, only about 30 minutes. But it worked great. There were many rides to choose from and a price was always listed. I payed 2 Euro for the trip. For the Swedish equivalents paying for the trip seems to be optional (?) or you don't know how much you're supposed to pay. I think I prefer the Blablacar style. So yeah, this was a bit disappointing.