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Day 34: Wow, they gave me the superhost treatment

One thing that amazes me is how good many of the companies that I come across now are at making you feel important as a customer/service provider. Like when I sign up on a site and get a super nice email about how glad they are that I did etc.

Airbnb is the sharing economy platform I've used the most and they are amazing at this. Of course good hosts are very important for Airbnb, but good customers are important in many businesses and let's put it this way, my bank since twenty years has never given me this treatment:

Today I recieved a package "Fragile With care". I had no idea what it was. Had I ordered something? Opened it - and it's a mug:

Wow, this fits me perfectly - being a writer/blogger and all.

Wow! For me!
And the note:

Wow! Can you believe this?! They actually sent me a custom made mug for being a good host! This superhost is super happy now! Thank you so much, Airbnb! #airbnblove to you too! Life is better when you write. And life is definitely better when you host!

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