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Day 35: Arrival in Gothenburg

Having breakfast for dinner.

Having breakfast for dinner.

I was just about to buy a train ticket to Gothenburg when I got a text message: "I'm going to Gothenburg at 4 pm. 195 SEK, are you interested? Pierre" It turns out Samåkning.se was the one that worked best of all the sites I used. (Though I got an offer from someone through Gomore too)

Ok, perfect! Using the phone number I could find out some information about this Pierre. Actually you can find out a lot. Like age, and his Linkedin profile with job, profile picture etc. This is the difference with old school hitch hiking, I know something about this person. Like that I'm riding with a French guy in his thirties with a good job. And he'll pick me up in one of the newest Volvos. Sounds good! Also getting a ride from the Central station in Stockholm fits me perfect.

When I get there it turns out another person too is riding. And everything works perfect. Pierre is a good driver, the car is great, he drops me of close enough to where I'm staying for the night. But after less than one hour the conversation dies out. I'd definitely preferred some more company. So it's ok, but not great. But I got where I wanted, it was cheaper than the train and I had a lot of time to think about other stuff.

On the other hand: when arriving at the place where I'm going to spend the night I'm warmly greeted with a big hug by the Airbnb hosts I'm staying with. Since I'm hungry and going to a breakfast meeting tomorrow I ask them if I can have the included breakfast for supper. So they make tea and toasts for me. And we talk about our experiences as Airbnb hosts. And it instantly feels like being with friends. I almost wish I'd stay longer than one night. No wonder why these guys are superhosts and get such excellent reviews.