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Day 36: Airdine - Airbnb for food

The reason why I'm in Gothenburg for the weekend is that I will talk about my project at a breakfast meeting where also the new app Airdine will be presented. It will be launched on February 18th.

It is, as you would imagine, for people who want to offer home cooked meals in their home. Similar to Airbnb, but for food.

I really believe in this idea! (Which is what I told the local newspaper Göteborgs Posten when they interviewed me about it.) First of all because the experience of eating in someones home is different from eating at a restaurant. Just as staying through Airbnb is different from a hotel. Perhaps not as professional. But more cozy, a better way of getting to know people, and probably less expensive. Imagine going on vacation and meeting locals over a home cooked dinner! So I'm super excited to try it once it's launched. Perhaps even set up my own home restaurant?