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Day 38: One weekend in Gothenburg

In the bike kitchen.

In the bike kitchen.

To summarize the Gothenburg trip it started with car sharing from Stockholm to Gothenburg, through Samåkning.se. 200 SEK. Then I stayed with a lovely couple through Airbnb, 650 SEK.

On Friday morning was the breakfast seminar about Airdine where I also presented #366days

After the breakfast meeting Emma Öhrwall from the organization Kollaborativ Ekonomi Göteborg approached me and wanted to show their co-working space and bike kitchen, so I spent the rest of the morning there. 

In the evening I tried Uber pop for the first time. It was a bit more expensive than I had expected, 248 SEK for a 25 min drive. But the car arrived within 5 minutes and the driver was really nice. Since a friend let me stay at her place I didn't pay anything for the accomodation the last two nights.

And to get back to Stockholm I bought a train ticket from a friend that wouldn't use it for 200 SEK.

So the for three nights and the trip back and forth Stockholm-Gothenburg I payed only 1050 SEK, thanks to #oldschoolsharing and the sharing economy.

And I'm glad I had time to meet some friends that I don't see very often. And some new friends in the sharing economy.