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Day 62: I give everyone five stars

This morning I've written three Airbnb reviews. I think they're very important since they help building trust between the host and the guests. When someone requests to stay at my place I always look for any reviews first. I don't say no to people just because they don't have any reviews - it could be the first time they're staying with Airbnb - but it's one element that together with others help me build a picture of the person who wants to stay here. If something doesn't feel right I always say no. (Other things I look at: what they write about themselves, why they're coming here, Linkedin or Facebook profiles, if they have verified id)

And of course the reviews I get are important for me and any potential guests.

Now most of my guests are great people. Actually I can't remember if I have given any of them less than five stars. (And only two out of twenty five guests have given me less than five stars.) Perhaps me or people in general are overly generous with the five stars. Which might make it harder to distinguish those who are really worth it. But I think the important thing for any host/guest is to know who get's really bad ratings. Those are the ones you want to avoid. Unless you particularly want to try something different.

And the written reviews also tells a lot. I think this is where you can see who's a real super host or super guest. Was it a great experience meeting this person? The reviews will show this. (However this might not be what you want, perhaps you simply want a nice and clean place to stay.)

The thing is that a lot of the guests I have I meet very briefly. They're here for a short time and are heading out to see Uppsala. They're probably great to hang out with, but since we never do I struggle to write a nice review that don't seem to impersonal.

Here's one that I wrote this morning:

"Kevin and his wife were a really nice couple. I just met them briefly, but they kept everything tidy and left things the way they were when they came. They're welcome back anytime!"

It's almost identical to one of the others I wrote. They were both really nice couples! I'm sure it would have been great even if they had stayed here longer. But I don't really have a lot more information than this. Any suggestions how I could personalize them a little more?