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Day 63: Une soirée française

Today a friend I met at a surfing course last summer came to Uppsala. He's in Sweden to do the famous ski race Vasaloppet and decided to stop by Uppsala. And I have a french car mechanic who's staying here for the whole month. So we had a nice dinner here. Braised beef cheeks with potato puree and a marzipan cake with prunes. Ou joues de boeuf avec tarte aux pruneaux, pas mal, eh? I thought it was kind of brave, and a little bit impressive to make french food for two french guys.

But to my surprise the whipped cream served with the cake seemed to make the biggest impression. "What's this?", asked my surf friend. It's just whipped cream. "Oh, did you make it yourself?" Eh, yeah. "Just like that? Or did you use the machine?" *pointing towards the kitchen assistent which can not be used for whipping cream*. No. Weird? Don't they make whipped cream in France? Ever heard of crème Chantilly?

Perhaps this is something I could serve if I set up a dinner through AirDine?

Anyway, it was a nice evening. And as always I'm glad for any opportunity to practice some French - tonight we had a discussion about economic policies and the sharing economy - even though I cheated sometimes and switched to English.