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Day 103: A breakthrough!

Wow, finally someone borrowed my ice cream maker! Since the start of this project I've tried to rent and lend out anything from waffle maker to skis but so far no one has asked for anything. But today a woman came for the ice cream maker which she found on Streetbank. She had a little rucksack to put it in and I gave here some recipes for saffron ice cream and black currant sherbet.

In return she gave me some sourdough. And a recipe how to make bread and to feed it. It originates from some sourdough that a German baker made more than 17 years ago. Cool!

And when I wrote about it on facebook a friend asked if she could borrow the ice cream maker to. Offering some bread or even a song for me in return. Haha, my own song, that would be great! Maybe things start to snowball now!