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Day 104: I'm even too tired to come up with a clever title for this post

My favorite tea cup in pieces on the bathroom floor.

My favorite tea cup in pieces on the bathroom floor.

I should write something about the interesting conference on transport and entrepreneurship that I participated in today. But right now (I always write these blog posts around 11 pm, because that's when I'm usually done with everything I have to do (even though my to do-list never seems to get shorter)), I'm so tired I could almost throw up. And tomorrow I have to get up at six, take the train at seven, travel one and a half hour and then work for eight hours cleaning this guy's summerhouse.

Two days ago I broke my favorite tea cup on my bathroom floor and I haven't had time to clean it up yet. (Even though I have to admit, that it crossed my mind that I'm now one more thing closer to this minimalist nirvana or whatever I'm trying to achieve. But I really loved that cup! It had a lovely shape, had the exact right thinness so that the tea cools of not to fast, not to slowly, and a gold rim. And it was handmade and was wonderful to hold. Yeah, I really do like some of my stuff.)

So me complaining about how exhausted I am is all you get today. Sorry!

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