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Day 108: Those who touch your heart

"Don't you sometimes miss people when they leave?" There was a woman here on Tuesday who did an interview with me and asked me this question. 

The funny thing is - no. Not because I don't meet people that I'd like to meet again. But because I've been lucky enough to keep in touch will all of the people I've met and that I've really made a connection with.

Roughly my Airbnb guests fall into two categories. The ones that seem to be nice people, who are here for a few days and that I don't really have a lot of time to get to know. Perhaps we chat a little when they have breakfast or a cup of tea in the evening. They're nice guests, and then they leave and that's it.

And then there are the ones that touch your heart a little. The ones that come here and brighten up my life or that I feel some special connection to. It can also be people I meet in other ways, not only Airbnb guests. And strangely enough it hasn't felt sad leaving or seeing them leave. Because somehow I know we'll be in touch. And I think I've managed to keep contact with almost all of them, from Cape Town to Uppsala. I find it somewhat surprising, because I shows that the experience was mutual. I'm really fascinated by this, how you can meet people and in such a short time get this connection.

Mostly when I write my blog posts I write about new people I meet, so I don't think it really shows how many that are still around in some way. But I wanted to explain this since it answers one of the questions I had when I started: can you become friends with someone through the sharing economy? Yes.