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Day 109: Vegan dinner in Bromma

Tonight I'm going to my second AirDine event. It's gonna be a "Cheap ass vegan" dinner in the Stockholm suburb Bromma. Nick, who arranges the dinner, describes himself as a "Foodie. Musician. Project manager. Dungeon master. Gamer. Göteborgare." And he promises an "exciting vegan dish" for 30 kronor. Very cheap! This is the third time he arranges his vegan dinner and he has excellent reviews from former guests, so I'm looking forward to it!

It'll be exciting, I don't eat a lot of vegan food, I'm not a gamer, I don't know who the other three guests are and I don't know Nick. But he seems like a cool guy.

I'm also bringing a journalist and a photographer from the business web channel EFN who will do an interview with me. We discussed this back and forth, and I also asked Nick if it would be ok, but then EFN changed their mind about the date. So I told Nick, and got this answer:

- Just as good, it seemed a bit scary. :-)

- Oh, I didn't want you to feel that way.

- If you never do anything scary life will be pretty boring.

At least we have something in common! But now we're doing it tonight anyway. Hope it won't be too scary. At least I'm pretty sure it will be anything but a boring evening.