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Day 95: This is where I sleep

Ok, I've already mentioned that I sleep on a mattress on the floor in the dining room. The reason is that I rent out both my guest room and my own bedroom. Or perhaps that I'm a little bit crazy. Anyway it doesn't bother me at all. If I want to get my bedroom back I can just remove the listing from Airbnb. But honestly, there is something in this that I really like. Not exactly being a little uncomfortable. But the feeling of not needing so much comfort. I think it is because it gives me a sense of freedom.

When I have friends over, they often suggest that I should get a bed and put in the dining room, or a sofa bed or a cabinet bet. And I play along with it "hm, yeah, it could be an idea". But honestly, I have no plans whatsoever of getting an ugly sofa bed for that room. Mostly for aesthetic reasons (a futon could be an alternative), but also because it feels like a small adventure every time I place the mattress on the floor and "make the bed". Like being out camping.

Making my "bed". (Oh, was I supposed to film horisontally...)

But it's not just about the bed. I'm feeling this minimalist urge to get rid of things and to simplify. It's weird, but few things give me as much satisfaction as sorting and throwing things away, as knowing that there are no things in any of the two guestrooms that I'd take with me if I moved. I think my ideal would be to have so few things that I really want, that they could fit into a very small studio. What if I want to move somewhere where housing is extremely expensive when this year is over?

I remember as a kid when there were lots of things everywhere. Drawers were packed with stuff to the extent that sometimes you could hardly open or close them. And I've experienced how generations of collected stuff becomes a problem when they're inherited. Perhaps these are also reasons why I really enjoy trying to manage with fewer and fewer things. Even if it means sleeping on the floor.

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