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Day 96: Next step is sleeping in the basement

So I managed to double book my guestroom. Meaning that there are now guests in both guestrooms, and one in the dining room. Me? I sleep in my sleeping bag on the couch. Tomorrow morning there is a new guest coming at 8.30.

This is my "guest schedule" so far in April:

April 1: Two french women in guest room no 2 and the French car mechanic in no 1

April 2: The French car mechanic moves out, I help him move his boxes with French jam and French wine. We both help a friend of mine to move outside of Uppsala.

April 3: A Swedish PhD student in theology in guest room no 1

April 4: The sociology researcher who stays at my place a couple of times every month comes here. Both guest rooms are occupied. I spend the afternoon borrowing an extra bed + mattress from my mum and cleaning out my stuff of the dining room. In the evening I roll out my sleeping bag on the couch. Any more guests and I have to sleep in the basement.

April 5: The French women moves out. I spend the afternoon painting second hand bedside tables for guest room no 2. Unfortunately the paint doesn't have time to dry before the new guest, a Russian computer scientist, gets here. She's here for three weeks so I look forward to getting to know her more.

April 6: At 8.30 yet another scientist is coming here to get his keys, he's only staying one night. But tomorrow I need to clean some more sheets.

Lots of guests! And as you can see a most of them have some connection to the university, a lot of my guests do.

Allright, now it's time for sleeping bag!