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Day 97: To future employers, boyfriends and Airbnb guests

People ask me serious questions like: how should we tax or regulate the sharing economy? Yesterday I got a mail from a researcher who wants to know more about attitudes towards the sharing economy and would like to interview me in exchange for a smoothie.

Sure! But honestly, when I stood there today, half of the windows nailed shut (because of renovation), looking into the half empty fridge (partly because of this weird minimalist thing - "wow, imagine if I could get rid of all the jars that's been there for years", partly because I didn't earn a lot of money last month - "wow, I don't have to spend any money if get rid of them by living on three year old jam and pickled lemons") wondering how long it would take before I had eaten all the food - it felt a lot more like a Paul Auster novel, than some serious research project (which it isn't). As if soon all the windows will be nailed shut, and I'll have only two eggs left.

(If you read this and are 1) my mom 2) neighbor 3) future employer, boyfriend or Airbnb guest - don't worry, I'm not crazy, I shower every day, will go grocery shopping soon, and now get a good nights sleep.) 

But first I have to answer one request from an Airbnb guest that I got today, and that added a bit to the weirdness. In his Ted talk Joe Gebbia talked about not giving too much information when you're asking to stay somewhere. And I felt that this person was doing this. I don't need to know that you 1) adopted your son unofficially 2) have a foot problem since four years 3) that you've happily shared a bed with this unofficially adopted son before. Etc. They're probably great people both of them, but it just felt a bit weird getting all these details.

Windows nailed shut.

Windows nailed shut.