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Day 98: Can I do both Couchsurfing and Airbnb?

Since I want to explore the Couchsurfing thing to it would be nice to have couchsurfers when any of the guestroom is not booked. I've already tried this once. But what if there is a paying guest in the other room. Would it be unfair? Would that person be angry because he/she had to pay 350 kronor?

The way I see it the Airbnb guest gets what he pays for no matter if there is someone else sleeping there for free or not. And he could also have requested to stay through Couchsurfing. But I can imagine this seems unfair.

Really, I love the Airbnb concept. I think it's reasonable that you pay. After all I pay for this apartment, and I spend some time cleaning rooms after guests, doing laundry and helping out. But I have to admit that the Couchsurfing community also seems very interesting and more socially oriented which I really like.