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Day 132: TV-day

I'm so excited! Swedish TV is going to film me the whole day. It was a busy evening yesterday to prepare all this.

What should I wear? (I chose the t-shirt I made myself with the name of my project. If that one isn't good enough, I brought the "Well behaved cow girls rarely make history" t-shirt too)

What make up? (Problem: I'm so tanned after surfing that my usual foundation doesn't match my skin very well. I decided to use it any way and hope no one notices.)

Do I have any clean underwear? (Yes, I found a pair! So I don't have to wear my bikini pants)

And then I prepared for the lemon marengue pie I'll serve tonight. And unpacked my bags, where a bottle of coconut soap had leaked. A lot. So I had to clean all my make up. Unfortunately there was even coconut soap inside the blush, so I had to wash it, and then dry it. At least my cheeks smell like coconut now.

And on top of this I have to think of something clever to say!

This is the program for the day:

10 Meet Robin, CEO of Buddler, who I will give a shelf in return for coffee

Go to Uppsala with the TV-team

There I will borrow a saw. List my toilet in Airpnp. Decide what to do with my clothes that I want to get rid of. Show my bikes and other stuff people can rent/borrow from me.

16.30 The woman who borrowed my ice cream maker will return it and have some coffee

17 My Airbnb guest of the day Arrives

19 At home restaurant


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