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Day 132: Could you do that one more time?

Are they going to film you for a week? a friend asked me this morning. Haha, I'm really glad it was only for a day. That was hectic enough. But it was really fun too! What could be better than talking about yourself for a whole day? (I'm a bit worried about this, the whole idea of this year was to connect with people, but since everyone is asking me about what I do all the time, I'm afraid I'll be more self centered than ever.) Having your own TV-crew following you? "Could you please open the door one more time?" "Could we take that question again?"

We tried to fit as many things we could into one day from ten in the morning till they left at eight in the evening (for me the day finishes way past midnight, when this blog post is written).

I went to Stockholm to exchange a shelf for a coffee with Robin Hesselstad, CEO of start-up Buddler.

From there to Uppsala where Swedish television was kind enough to buy me a burger for lunch.

Then we did an interview in my dining room. They filmed me doing laundry. And where I sleep on the mattress. "Can you please show us how you make the bed at night?" Really, guys, this is more about me being nuts, than about sharing economy, I told them.

And then I took photos of my toilet and listed it in Airpnp. If you need a bathroom in Uppsala...

We also managed to find someone with a dog willing to let us film me as a potential dog sitter. I really love dogs. But judging from this one, I'm not so sure they love me... 

And we went to a friends house where I borrowed a drill. "Can you please walk towards the garage again?" "Can we do it from this angle too?" "Could you hand her the drill again?" It was quite a procedure.

Then a couple that had borrowed my ice cream maker had coffee at my place. We had time to discuss various political ways of viewing the sharing economy, such as a conservative or a more classical liberal perspective. This is an interesting topic that I'd like to write more about if I ever get the time.

And my Airbnb guest of the day arrived and we did a little interview with him. He was great. I mean, imagine coming to a place where you just want to sleep for the night. And be met by camera. "Could you please ring the door one more time. Just pretend like where not here. *huge camera right in front of your face*"

After this I prepared the dinner and made chicken and pie. The lemon meringue pie tasted good. But as one, very honest, guest remarked, the texture could have been better. Yes, the lemon cream was definitely too loose. And omg, it took such a long time to whisk the meringue! I worked on it for at least fifteen minutes. I should have tried to borrow a mixer from a neighbour. But we had a nice evening. I will definitely do this Airdine thing again soon. But this time without a TV-camera hoovering over us.

Ok, I'll really have to sleep now, so I'll save the photos for tomorrow.

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