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Day 136: Great neighbours

No, no toilet guests today either. I have some problems with the Airpnp app though, it only shows google maps when I use it. What if there have been a lot of request that I haven't seen?!

Yesterday I spent the whole day with my neighbours. First the annual garden cleaning day and then we made a dinner in the evening. Someone made a casserole of the left over hot dogs from the lunch, someone else some garlic bread, a third neighbour brought some rice, a fourth made coffee and so on. It was a very nice way to share things and spend an evening. It doesn't always have to come with an app. They were making jokes about the toilet, but I'm really fortunate to have open minded neighbours who don't see it as a problem that I have a lot of guests or do all this crazy stuff, but instead seem to see the fun in it. I really, really like my neighbours.

Today I have two couples sleeping here. They both seem so sweet. First a young French-Swiss couple that I had a cup of tea with in the evening. We talked about Swiss nationalism, Swedish culture and their wedding next year. And second a middle aged couple from Barcelona who sings in a choir and did a concert today at Gamla Uppsala. I haven't had a lot of time to talk to them, but the were so kind and friendly when I met them.

Because of pollen season (silly problem, but still) I didn't feel great today, but few things can cheer you up as talking a little bit to some nice people.