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Day 137: There will be nudity

As one of my Couchsurfing references says, I'm a reliable person. I keep my word. You voted for nudism, and you will get nudism.

I never went to Paris after Biarritz as planned. But I'm going there this week instead, for the OuiShareFest a conference on sharing, collaborative economy and more. It was decided a few days ago and this morning I posted a public trip on Couchsurfing (I also sent a personal request to the nudist you voted for). And so far I've got three positive answers. (Does it help to be a woman? Swedish?) From one photographer and from one sitar player and from one urban hippie:

"Maybe you would like to share my hippie lifestyle and visit together my wonderful city?" Irresistible!

Nicolas seems to be an open minded guy (yeah, I know, that's what everyone on CS tells you). We share some interests. And some not, like I'm not that interested in painting :-P

And he's a nudist! Yay! So here's my reply (below) And his answer (on top).

Bottom line: you should follow my Instagram account :-P