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Day 137: The sleeping arrangements

One thing that's really fascinating about the Couchsurfing community, as far as I can judge, is the very straight forward attitude that people seem to have. I exchanged a few more messages with my host for tomorrow, to settle where we shall meet. It'll be tomorrow evening 10.20 pm outside a metro station, since my plane arrives late. I think it's a good idea to meet in public If it for some reason doesn't feel right I'll just say goodbye and find a hotel instead. I asked if I should bring a towel or sleeping bag. Here's a condensed version of our conversation:

- To answer your first message, you do not need towel. For the sleeping bag, it is up to you, but most of the surfers slept with me & without one. [very straight forward, though perhaps a little ambiguous regarding exactly what is meant by "slept with me"]

- I'll bring my sleeping bag, since I prefer sleeping on the couch, hope that's ok.

- Of course, that's ok if you prefer the couch! As long you're still ok to be naked inside my home, you're welcome :-)

I know a lot of people probably think this is crazy. But this open attitude actually makes me feel safer than I would with someone who are not open with their intentions. I hope I'm not wrong about that.