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Day 138: I missed my flight

Maybe someone is trying to tell me something? The last time I requested to stay with the first nudist, he was out of town. And this time it didn't happen either...

I'm often very late. I mean I do things very late, but I hate to be late for appointments. So I run a lot. Like last week I ran ten-fifteen minutes to a meeting, not to be late. Only to get some attack of pollen allergy that made me cough for the first fifteen minutes of the meeting. Bad.

Anyway. So I had an hour or so to clean the guest rooms (there will be two Airbnb guests while I'm in Paris), pack my things, and take a shower. I managed, but had to run to the train, thinking "don't I need my passport? No, France is a Schengen country, I don't need to go back and get it". But I should have.

I checked in automatically and went through security. No one asked for a passport. At the gate I was about the last one to board. The plane was about to leave soon, and there they told me that my Swedish driver's license isn't good enough. Especially now after the Paris attacks there's a state of emergency in France and they're particularly strict abou this. Damn!

And it was too late to get a provisory passport. But perhaps for another flight? There was one more flight leaving for Paris one hour and twenty minutes later. So I ran/took a bus to the passport police, which for some reason is located in a remote place of the airport in Stockholm. There is was a queue, and they were so slow. Omg. Finally it's my turn. The last flight for Paris (which I don't have a ticket for yet) leaves in fifty minutes. But I'm prepared to take a chance. So I pay 900 kronor for a provisory passport. Which means my old one is canceled. But again, they're so slow. After twenty minutes I still haven't got my new passport. So I tell them there's no point, I won't be able to catch the flight anyway. But it's too late. My old passport is already canceled. There is nothing they can do. And I can't get my money back. Fuck!

So all I can do is go home. Book another ticket for Paris for 3400 kronor. More than 4000 kronor for nothing! That's so stupid.

Anyway, now I'm going early tomorrow morning. The bag is packed and the guest rooms are cleaned. And I'll bring the passport.