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Day 139: My friends told me to…

Yes, I’m in Paris! I just arrived to the conference. Unfortunately I missed some of the first seminars. Like: ”Mindfulness Morning Exercise” and ”Creating Intimacy and Setting Boundaries”.

I think this is to some extent compensated if a Reiki-masseur-urban-hippie-nudist will host me. At first he could only have me there yesterday, but it seems like his guest for today might not show up and then I’m welcome. I keep my fingers crossed it’ll work out. Most of all because I’d love to do an interview with this guy for a project I’m doing about the sharing economy.

He doesn’t know about this yet. It’ll be a surprise. Perhaps he’ll feel as uncomfortable about it as I am about this whole nudist thing.

I got all the recording gadgets yesterday. They’re intimidating. I’ve never interviewed people for audio before, only for written articles. And I’ve obviously never did audio interviews in the nude either. Or let's put it this way: I never had to think about shaving my legs, or anything else for that matter, before doing an interview before. But I guess there’s a first for everything.

It’s so much to think about. ”Don’t hum when doing the interview. Nod your head instead. Look at this display to see if the sound is ok. Etc.” And in the best case secenario I’ll be doing all this wearing nothing but this sexy thing around my neck. It’ll be so weird!!

But hey, I got some awesome advice from a bunch of people I trust:

1)    Send the address where you are to someone.

2)    Tell him you’re a kung fu expert.

3)    He doesn’t seem like a psycho-killer. Hope you’re carrying condoms.

Omg. Is this supposed to make me relax?! Wasn't I doing an interview and trying to find a couch to sleep? And then:

4)    Bring a bottle of something if you like (the host himself)

5)    Remember to keep the mike no less than 10 cm from his face (the guy helping me with the recording)

No 4) seems easy but might after a while be in conflict with remembering no 5).

I might seem cool about this thing - and yes, no one is forcing me - but I’m not. I’m way beyond that comfort zone where life’s supposed to begin.