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Day 125: Do you want to eat pie on TV?

On Wednesday next week I will do this at home restaurant thing again. Here's the event, but you need to download the Airdine app to book it. It would be cool if someone that I don't know would show up. It's like one of my fellow sharing economy enthusiasts said: "If only ordinary people were as interested in this as media is." Exactly, people ask me for interviews every week, but the demand for borrowing my waffle maker or renting my bikes have been very low.

Anyway, I will make chicken with sage, lentils and roasted vegetables. And for dessert a lemon meringue pie. I've never done that before. But I had a delicious one here in France and really want to try making it. (Even though I think the photo doesn't do it justice. For starters, it didn't look like that when they served it... )

Actually the main reason that I will do it on Wednesday, which is the day after I come home from France, is because Swedish national TV will film me for a whole day. So I will do a lot of stuff that day. Once I'll work out the details I'll probably post a schedule here.