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Day 126: Do I really have to go to Paris?

Who wouldn't want to go to Paris? I know it's crazy, but I don't feel like it anymore. My original plan was to go and spend the weekend there. But now summer has finally arrived here. Today and yesterday it was great weather. So many people out in the streets, in the bars and on the beach. Can I stay here a little longer, even if it means not trying as many sharing economy things in Paris this time?

Today I did a trip to Spain with my friend/host Maxime. Some surfer guest had told him that Zarautz, a beach resort is nice. At first we got so lost on the road there. The gps didn't work and the roads around San Sebastian are a mess! We were driving on small, narrow country side roads with donkeys until we found the right way to the highway. It took us probably two and a half hour to get there, instead of one. And it turned out that Zarautz wasn't much to see anyway. But we had a walk on the boardwalk and in the little town and then found some really nice tapas.

Maxime thought he heard someone saying "Agul" when we stepped out of a store, so he started shouting "Agul" everytime we left a bar or a store. I have no idea if there is such a word.

Last week we went to Espelette, a small French basque village known for it's pepper and before we've been to San Sebastian. I love these small trips, everytime it's like an adventure and unexpected things always happen.

And we got back to Biarritz just in time to see the sunset, which was amazing today. It was a great last day. Tomorrow I'm leaving this place anyhow, since Maxime will have new guests. So if I'm staying in Biarritz I need to find some other host anyway. I've sent out a few Couchsurfing requests and hope someone will answer me quickly...

Eating a banana in Zarautz

Eating a banana in Zarautz