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Day 127: Where will I sleep?

Here's the view from where I'm writing this. Having a cappuccino by the boardwalk outside the casino of Biarritz. (If you ever go here, I'd recommend you to try this place one, because of the view, but otherwise the bars by les Halles are much nicer and more value for the money and more locals and better in any way, except perhaps the view. But the view is free everywhere else in this town...)

So far I haven't had any luck with my Couchsurfing requests. I don't know Couchsurfing really well, but I've posted one public trip (means anyone on Couchsurfing can see it), that I'm looking for a place to stay tonight. And sent one request to Guillaume (seems like a nice guy, apartment by the sea, serves breakfast, but shared bed... I don't know... like, how big is the bed? do I get my own blanket? I asked him about this in my request: "what does shared bed mean". Oh! I see now he's changed that to "shared room", interesting.. that's better. Or did I read it wrong in the first place?) and Marc (who's "open minded" and interested in "surfing" - great, me too! and who lives downtown Biarritz). There were so many profiles I couldn't go through them all, but it seems like a lot of them aren't active, that's why I chose these two.

Anyway, it means that at the moment my luggage and surf board is in the stairs outside Maxime's studio. I think a lot of people would get freaked out about this "I don't know where to sleep tonight!". But I often have this attitude "it'll be allright". I'm surprised how often it works. Some solution often shows up. I guess I'm lucky or something. And it's anyway no help being stressed out about things. Worst case I can always find some hotel. It's still too cold to sleep outdoors without a sleeping bag, otherwise I would consider that too. Imagine, waking up to the sound of waves...

In half an hour I'll go to Aloha coiffure and get my haircut. Exciting! And in three hours I'm doing a Skype call with a Canadian journalist who wants to know more about my project. From (unless I find a place to stay before that) the lobby on top of the casino where the rich city of Biarritz offers not only free wifi in a magnificent environment (amazing view! velvet chairs by the windows! amazing room, so quiet, just a faint sound of slot machines), but also electricity for laptops, and toilets with marble sinks. Classy!