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Day 162: The skateboard

Aww, I just had such a cute couple who came here to stay for the weekend. My age or perhaps a bit younger. They had such a positive attitude. Immediately when I opened the door to the apartment they said "Oh, wow, what a beautiful apartment". Most guests are a bit reserved at first, but these two started walking around in the rooms commenting things, like "Oh, do you do a lot of work with fabrics?" (I have a cabinet with glass doors for my hobby materials in the dining room.)

The guy asked me: "Are you a professional skateboarder? It looks very used?", when he saw my skateboard.

Unfortunately I had to tell him that it was that way when I bought it second hand. (And I have hardly used it. I'm a very bad skateboarder.) But I of course love the fact that he even asked such a thing.