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Day 160: The end is coming

Sometimes I feel like I'm not only a superhost, but also a bit of an ambassador of Sweden. Yesterday I had a German guest who suggested we should make some food together. And he wanted some Swedish food. Of course. So I suggested we should make a small smorgasbord, with herring. He absolutely wanted home made meatballs. And then we had some salmon that a previous guest had left. And some Swedish schnapps. And rhubarb compote with ice cream for dessert. I haven't had that much Swedish food at once since... Easter

And since he didn't have somewhere to sleep tonight I offered him to sleep on the couch. Which is not very comfortable so I didn't think he should pay for it, but he brought some frozen pizzas for dinner. The famous German pizzas made by Dr Oetker himself. (Of course even the pizza makers in Germany are doctors...)

It's actually been a pretty busy evening. There's a slightly older American couple staying here as well. They were eating sandwiches for dinner when I came home from the gym. But now they're in their room with some white noise reducer, that is supposed to drown out sounds from snoring. It's like a faint humming sound up there now.

And then there's an American astronomer who joined me and the German for dinner.

He told us that in five billion years the sun might swallow the Earth. Which is a bit of a sad thought. But he immediately cheered us up by saying that we could move to Jupiter to save ourselves from it.

A small Swedish smorgasbord.

A small Swedish smorgasbord.