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Day 184: June in numbers

Day 184. It means that we're half way through this project of 366 days. People ask me "what will you do the next year?", which I don't have an answer to. Given all the things that has happened so far this year I have no idea where all this will take me. And I'm also too busy to have time to think about it. After the summer though, I've decided I'll make a plan for the remaining months of this year. Which things have I not tried yet? What should I do more of? How can I develop the blog? Etc. Any suggestions are welcome.

At the moment I don't really feel I can summarize these first six months in a good way. It's kind of overwhelming to think of all the people I've met and got to know, all the new experiences I've had, all the kindness I've met. If you don't follow this blog, reading the previous posts will at least give you a hint.

And now the not so emotional stuff, that is always easier to account for. The statistics for June.

Income from Airbnb: 15 617 SEK

Income from Taskrunner: 810 SEK

Total: 16 427 SEK

So it's a little less than May. I have spent most of the month working with a project related to this blog (that will be launched on Monday...), which explains why I haven't had time to do more other things, and which I also get paid for. I have other incomes than those I show here. It could of course be an interesting experiment to try and live completely off the sharing economy, but since I rather see it as a complement I decided not to to it that way. 16 427 kronor is not that bad though, even if a lot of it goes to paying for my four room apartment, which is also an important explanation why I earn that much.

Alright, now I need to sleep to get ready for the next six months. I can't wait! Who knows what will happen then...