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DAy 185: "You need to go to the hospital"

This week I'm going to the annual political event Almedalsveckan, which takes place in Visby and where a lot of people in politics, PR, media etc gather for seminars and drinking rosé wine. The town is crowded and it can be tough to find somewhere to stay. And it's often very expensive. So I thought I'd try Couchsurfing. I posted a public trip saying I was looking for somewhere to stay from today until Thursday. And one man offered to host me all of the days. Great!

Well, it turned out to be not so great... to make a long story short. He shows up by the ferry as agreed. But he's pretty drunk. Oh, alright, it's his problem. So we walk to his home. Some confusions on the way. Excuses for being drunk. Etc. I think you can imagine. I insist to take the suitcase myself. But when we arrive at his house he grabs it. Starts walking down the stairs and... falls... down the whole stairs. Omg! It's a bad fall. Even a neighbour comes out to see what happened because of all the noise. The poor guy has a cut in his forehead, it's bleeding. He needs medical care. So I start to call taxi companies, with some help from the neighbour. But it's impossible to get a cab here this week. And he doesn't want to go to the hospital. No cab. No walk there. It's impossible to convince him. "I'm fine." His neighbour tries to tell him he might have had a concussion but no. What can we do? In the end we give up.

Fortunately for me I have some friends who had previously offered a place to stay. So I can at least get a sofa or something there. Even sleeping at the floor would be better than this Couchsurfing host. But I really hope he's ok! Was it wrong to leave him like that? I don't know...