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Day 225: Celebrating guest no 100

Wow, yesterday I realized I've had 100 bookings since I started as an Airbnb host in August. One hundred! And since sometimes one booking include two guests, I've had even more than a hundred guests in one year.

My one hundredth booking turned out to be Antoinette, a South African veterinary nurse who was here for a conference, and who told me she'd been a viking in an earlier life. She was super nice and the event was worth celebrating so I gave her some Swedish souvenirs.

This morning she was leaving Sweden.

- When's your flight?

- 12.10.

- So you need to be at the airport at...?

- 10.10.

- Ok.

I look at the clock, it's 9.34. Half an hour and this woman is in the middle of making some stir fry with mushrooms and veggies. Ok, the airport is only 17 minutes away with train, but still. The trains only leave twice an hour or so. I decide to at least check the timetable for her.

- Look, there's a train at 9.56, which will bring you to the airport at 10.13

- Ok... then I won't have time to eat this here, she says, looking at the pan.

So she puts the food in some plastic box and starts to get ready. There is still time to catch the train. I explain where to buy the tickets. Then we realize she has cash and the machines don't take cash. I offer to go with her to the station and pay the tickets with my credit card and she will give me cash.

Everything seems to work out fine. She gets on board the train on time, with a ticket. She made it!

15 minutes later I get a message. "I went to the wrong airport... didn't realise there was more than one. I'm on a bus on my way... pray I make it". Omg! No way!

But yes, some hours later I get a new message, she did make it to the other airport as well, "gorgeous Swedish man was straight to my assistance". Glad to hear that! And thank you for being my 100th guest!

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