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Day 228: A veterinary DIY kit

The veterinary nurse left a bag of things she asked me to recycle. I was going to do this yesterday but it turned out to be highly useful stuff! First of all a comfy hoodie in, almost, my size.

Then a pack of earplugs. Great, I was going to the pharmacy to buy earplugs!

And some cast tape, probably intended for dogs. Perfect! I sprained my ankle a week ago and I feel it needs to rest a little so I decided to try it right away. Doesn't look too bad considering it's the first time I make a plaster cast for medical reasons (I once made a plaster bust bust for, let's say, artistic reasons).

But after half an hour wearing it I wonder if perhaps I made it a little too tight... I hope I can get it off with whatever tools I have at home... scissors weren't included in the kit...

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