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Day 256: Bacon lip balm

Sometimes I get a bit fed up with all the American, presumably, Bernie Sanders' supporters who come here. They're often very enthusiastic about Sweden - or Europe (anything from Georgia to Iceland?) - without having any deeper knowledge about actual policies. But mostly they're extremely critical of the US and Americans. I shouldn't have to be the one telling them that it's a vast country with a lot of diversity and more than 300 million inhabitants. That attitude was expressed by the husband in a couple I had as guests the previous night: "We don't want to bring America with us."

Well, and yet they do. As when spending more time talking about how bad everything is with the American health care system than listening to what the Dutch couple or me could have to share about the systems in our countries. Americans just talk too much. If I'm allowed to generalize.

Anyway, I just didn't feel like having this discussion for breakfast, so I tried to change the subject.

American woman: You rarely see fat people here. There's a lot more fat people in America. Yada, yada, yada, food industry... evil capitalists...

American man: Yes, people eat so unhealthy. In Colorado they are less fat. There are small pockets where people are not so fat. (No food industry in Colorado?) But down in the south it's worse. Were we live they even have a bacon fest.

Me: Oh, cool! I thought about arranging a bacon party with a friend (true story). Bacon is great, it's such a versatile product.

American man: Yes, there is chocolate covered bacon.

Me: I know! And we were going to make bacon garlands. And bacon bikinis.

American man: Like Lady Gaga...

Me: Yes, exactly! And there's bacon toothpaste.

American man: And bacon lip balm. Makes you wake up by the dog kissing you, said this bearded man in his sixties.

Oh, kinky! Bacon lip balm, you say... But at least we weren't talking about Obamacare anymore. Mission accomplished!

The Dutch couple, who listened quietly to this conversation, had peanut butter for breakfast. I told them that would be considered way too decadent for Swedes, on a Monday morning.

- If you want to you can try some. It's a Dutch brand, the original. And the best thing is that during the WWII this company shoot down twelve German airplanes, said the Dutch guy, smiling.

Yes, I should definitely eat more bacon. And peanut butter.

Ok, now I need to take care of the Japanese guest who is arriving with Ethiopian Airlines. It'll be interesting to hear what food stories she will share...