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Day 257: We don't eat pandas!

Yesterday I went to the French conversation MeetUp group that I go to sometimes. And then afterwards Swedish conversation for an hour. The hardest part is to find subjects to talk about. Yesterday I spent most of the French hour talking about the the migration of cranes with an older French couple. Well, they were telling me about it. At least now I know the French word for crane, which is grue. And about New Caledonia, where they told me there is a high amount of nickel in the ground.

Then for the Swedish hour two Chinese women joined us. A Swedish guy were telling them all about Swedish wildlife and asking them about what animals there are in China.

- Do you have moose?

- No.

- Do you have wolves?

- No. ... We have bear. People in China eat the bear's paw. They put it in alcohol and drink it.

Then the "do you have"-game went on for a while more. Mostly negative answers.

- So, what do you have?

- We have pandas.

- Ah, yes. How do they taste?

That's the thing you always wanted to know about pandas; how do they taste?

- No, no, we don't eat them, said the other Chinese woman, laughing.

Of course they don't eat pandas!

Only bear paws.

And monkeys.

And dogs.


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