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Day 258: Where do you get an omelet in Uppsala?

I think I might be addicted to people. Two weeks ago, for example, when I came home after spending four days in the mountains, surrounded by other people literally 24 hours per day (since we were sharing rooms), it took only an hour or so until I felt it was too lonely just sitting at home reading. I can't really think of any activity that wouldn't be even more better, adding the right person.

In other words, I'm not too enthusiastic about doing things alone. And even with the Airbnb guests (currently the nice Dutch couple and a Japanese woman) I often feel it's too calm at home. Luckily I was saved by one neighbour and two guys I found via Couchsurfing from this.

Yesterday evening I was going out for a walk when I bumped into a neighbour.

- What are you up to?

- Not much, just going for a walk.

- I'm getting a pizza. Do you wanna join?

Sure! So we had a pizza and a beer and talked about life, it was great.

Then I got a message on Couchsurfing from a guy from Haifa. He and his friend were visiting Uppsala and wanted to hang out. So I met them today, and we spent five hours doing things in Uppsala. Most of all they wanted to investigate opportunities to do masters programs at the university. So we went there to ask about it. Then to get temporary student cards for them, and exchange money, and buy a vaporizer, and have lunch, and coffee with crepes.

When we were going for lunch I suggested some food trucks. "No", said one of the guys, "it's falafel, I don't even eat it at home, why would I eat it here?!" Good point.

It was fun. They were asking questions all the time. How much does it cost to buy land here? (I have no idea.) Where can we get an omelet for breakfast in Uppsala? (I have no idea.) Are there dating cafés in Sweden? (I have no idea, never even heard of the concept.)

And some where I could at least hint to an answer, like: Which language is closest to what the vikings were speaking? Which is easier to learn Swedish or Finnish? Where can you smoke shisha in Uppsala?

So guys, if you read this, thanks a lot for hanging out with me today and keeping my brain busy! ;-) Hope you enjoyed the student pubs!