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Day 264: I should open a Swedish restaurant

Yesterday at the French conversation group one of the French women that goes there told me she'd arranged an AirDine dinner in Uppsala. Unfortunately there had only been one guest, but they had a nice evening. She told us she'd made French food, since there are no real French restaurants in Uppsala. Here's the recipe for the desert: mash an avocado with sugar, lemon juice and a good, dark rum.

I was glad to hear that she'd been inspired by my experiment, and it reminded me I should really arrange a new dinner soon, it's been a long while and some kind people have even sent mails saying they want to have dinner here. It also gave me the idea that I should serve Swedish food. There are no French restaurants, but there are also very few places serving Swedish food. A lot of my guests ask for that, but it's hard to give them recommendations. So I think there could be lots of expats and immigrants who would be interested in trying herring, moose and lingonberries, no?

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