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Day 264: Magic brochures

Well, I put these brochures in the living room to make people more comfortable to hang out there too. And voilà! One of my guests, who said she'd chosen this over an impersonal business hotel, is now in the sofa working on her laptop. And the other guest spent some time in the kitchen writing. We all had a nice chat together.

The only thing is - I never told them about the brochures, or showed them. And it's extremely rare that guests spend this much time downstairs in the evening (it's now half past eleven). So it's almost like magic. There is only one problem. I really want to sleep. Like one hour ago. But since they have made themselves comfortable (one listening to some musical upstairs, and the other working in the living room), I don't want to destroy this moment by getting ready for bed, putting out the mattress etc. I guess I just have to wait.

Maria ErikssonComment